This is for all my friends and I to Role Play since Foopets is being stupid so THERE HHAHAHA

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Can We Pretend Like Airplanes In The Night Sky Are Like Shooting Stars cause I could really use a wish right now Wish Right Now!

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*tori- cant stop kissing him*

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Melissa- Hey Your Skateboard is moving!!

Tyler- He pulls away and stops the board.. Then he kisses her again

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*tori- took a breath when he pulled away and continued kissing him*

*leon- sighs and looks back to her* thats my sister for you finds somthing to do and she dosnt notice anything else

*tori- pulls away and whispers in his ear* lets pretend the board slides away to get away from the laughter group *starts kissing him again*

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Tyler- Good idea He pushed the board a little and it started rolling.

Melissa- She laughed Thats funny

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*tori- smiled glad to have privacy*

*leon- laughs* now that is real funny

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Melissa- I know right! I'm Melissa by the way

Tyler- he smiled at her

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*leon-* im leon

*tori- smiles and kisses him again*

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Melissa- Nice to meet you She smiled at him

Tyler- He kisses her back I love you

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Alice- *lays her head on paul*

Blake- *grins* now wat was ur fault?

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Bella- What's Who's fault?

Paul- He smiles and kisses the top of her head

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Blake: *chuckles and kisses her forehead* good

Alice: *smiles feeling her blush return*

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*tori- sees an abanden house and points to it*

*leon- smiles* nice to meet you to

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Bella- She sighed happily

Paul- he grins

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how do u get bold writing?

Blake: *smiles*

Alice: *closes her eyes her cheeks still bright red*

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Tyler- You wanna go in there? He grinned

Melissa- She smiled at him and her eyes sparkled

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Paul- He strokes her hair

Bella- Can I ask you something?

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Alice: *smiles her eyes still closed*

Blake: yes anything

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Bella- What's my name?

Paul- He sighs happily

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*tori-* yes

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Blake: *chuckles* bella

Alice: *opens her eyes and looks at him her eyes twinkling slightly*

ooc~ how do u get the bold writing?

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Tyler- Then there we shall go He grinned

Melissa- Are you new here?

Bella- Thanks

Paul- You have beautiful eyes

type your words then higlight them like you do when you are going to copy and paste then click the Bold button

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ooc~ thanks

Alice-thanks[b]blushes a deep red her eyes really sparkling[/b]

Blake: [b]smiles[/b]anytime

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[i][b]tori- starts walking in to the abandon house[/b][/i]

[i][b]leon-[/b][/i] ya toris my sister

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Bella- I love you She smiled

Paul- very very beautiful

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Tyler- he goes with her

Melissa- Oh the boy that was with her is Tyler I'm not related to him She laughed a little

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